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01/05/14 A bit of trouble for my IQ260–WiFi top plate loose

Top of an IQ260 showing the WiFi cover plate

Top of an IQ260 showing the WiFi cover plate

If you own a IQ260 or IQ280 and you purchased it early in the product life cycle, you may want to see about having the top plate (WiFi cover) replaced.  There is a possibility that the plate may loosen up and start top pop up.  This will create an gap in the top where the plate has lifted up and out of place.  In the long run I am assuming that it’s possible for the plate to loosen up enough that it might totally pop out.  The WiFi card for the IQ back sits directly below this plate and this could cause some damage to the internals of the back.

The good news is that Phase One has realized that this plate can loosen and pop out and they apparently re-designed the plate or the method that is used to fasten the plate to the top of the back.  If your back is showing signs of this, you need to contact your dealer and see about having the back returned to Denmark.

You can read about this in more detail here. Link to my Article on the WiFi plate issue with early model IQ260 and IQ280 digital backs.


  1. Paul – Thanks for this info I would have never noticed that part of my cover had flexed so it’s no longer flush. I’ll have to check with my dealer on options for sure. I also should say thanks for all the info you shared about your IQ260 decision it really helped me in my decision to upgrade from my p45+ myself.

    • Marqelezis,

      Glad to help out and thanks for the comment. The fix took about 3 weeks for my IQ260 and the top plate does fit much better now. Mine had started to totally work loose on one side.