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  1. Great article! I had a laptop that didn’t have the administrator account active. The single user profile on the machine had become corrupted so I thought there was no way to log in. But I started Windows by booting to a command prompt and to my surprise was able to enter the command you suggested to create the administrator account on the system (“net user administrator /active:yes”). This created the administrator account and allowed me to login, create a new user, copy the old files over, etc. Honestly, this seems like a huge security flaw in Windows7 as anyone that accesses the laptop could do this and access any/all files of the user.

    • Greg:

      Thanks for the reply. This issue totally caught me off guard and I believe it happened because I allowed my laptop to sleep and AVG was running a scan. AVG has a history corruption problems in win 7 but it’s still a good engine and I keep it. I now don’t sleep the machine for long periods of time anymore. I am actually running win 7 on a bootcamp parition on a mac, but win7 is my main OS, I just prefer the Mac hardware in laptops.

      You are correct on the need to make sure a strong password is protecting the admin account. I wasn’t aware you can do what you did, and will make a note to update my post as that’s another way to save the issue. I leave my admin account on, on every machine I use, however they all have strong passwords, as someone can come into a non password protected machine with the admin account enabled and pretty much take over if there is not a password on it.

      This whole profile error to me is amazing as it will totally shut your machine down unless you can recover the profile as you know. I was right in the middle of large contract job and came home and was shocked that I wasn’t able to get into my machine. My first thought was that a virus had done this, but from further reading, I believe it’s a win 7 issue when anti virus software is running the machine drops into a sleep or hibernate mode. There was a ton of stuff on various forums pointed to AVG as the cause, but the fix was another matter.

      Glad you found this helpful and thanks for the tip on bringing up the machine with only command prompt.