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10/20/12 NikonUSA no longer listing D800e on main DSLR product page

Nikon D800e not visible on Nikon USA product page

Nikon D800e not visible on Nikon USA product page

After reading a few posts on various photography forums over the past few days, it seems that Nikon has taken the D800e off of the main NikonUSA product page.  I was surprised to hear this, and thought that it might just be a reader error, however after looking at the page for myself, I found out that yes the D800e has been removed.  Also if you do a search for the D800e on NikonUSA’s main site, you will not find very many references to the camera.

Considering that the D800e has taken top place in the  “products that were announced but were very hard to purchase” category, Nikon may be reacting to some of the bad press that they have gotten for not being able to deliver the D800e.  The camera is still listed on all of the websites that sell Nkon that I checked and you can find it in stock on Amazon.  But it is very interesting that Nikon took the time to remove any references to the D800e on their main marketing website for both the USA and Canada.  

Here is a link to the main Nikon USA site showing the DSLR cameras.


10/26/12 Update:

From further information from readers and my own studying, it seems that Nikon has only taken the “focus” off the D800E by taking it off the main NikonUSA product page.  If you dig down deep enough you can find references to the D800E where Nikon Compares it to the D800, showing their tests of image quality.

If you search the Nikon site, you will find few references to the D800E, but in the Nikon Store you can still add it to the cart.  I feel that since Nikon is looking for sales in the 4th quarter, this was more of a business management move.  “Sell what’s on the truck mentality”.  The D800 and D600 on now shipping in normal quantities, but you still can’t get a D800E with any scheduled availability.






  1. Federico Batz says:

    I remember clearly that I have never been able to find the D800E on the main Nikon USA site. I don’t think it was “removed”: it has never been shown there.

    • Federico Batz says:

      Update and correction: the D800E _does_ appear on the main Nikon USA site. If you scroll down the D800 homepage, there is a large segment comparing D800E to D800 with samples and suggestions on recommended uses for both.

      • As you say it’s there, but buried down in the marketing lit. It’s not where it used to be. For now, Nikon is pushing what’s on the truck, the D800.


    • Actually very early on, Nikon had the D800 and D800e listed separately. I know this as I spent many hours on the site back in April and May.
      I agree, it’s listed down in the description of the D800, but it’s still very hard to locate the camera on Nikon’s site even with a search.
      No doubt right now, they are hoping people will purchase the D800 as it’s now in ready stock most places, however the e is still a rare camera.
      This just gives them a bit of breathing room.

      Both are great cameras and have really moved the bar up.