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Dawn Light and Full Moon from Summit of Flatside Pinnacle–11/29/18 Featured Arkansas Photography

Nikon D850 & 24-70 Lens, ISO 800 and bracketing 3 stops, 2 frames 6 exposures total Arkansas abounds with scenic wonder and one of the best spots to catch a fall dawn is from the wind swept summit of Flatside Pinnacle.  The hike is a short .2 … [Read more]

08/29/18–Epson 9000 feedback after 1 month of ownership

    After the installation, I dropped right back into a large job that I had been working on, involving both canvas and paper prints.  The 9000 installation went flawless, no issues.  I did find a few things different: The … [Read more]

Epson P9000 feedback 2 weeks after initial install–written 08/09/18

Sadly about 3 weeks ago, my 6 year old Epson 9900 finally developed a non-clearable clog in the magenta.  I tried out all the tricks I knew of, CL-1 through CL4, SSCL, and Super strong cleaning cycle, none of them would clear this clog.  So, the next … [Read more]

DJI Store still sales tax free–No longer an option for internet sales in US–Written 06/21/18

With the Supreme court's 5 to 4 (along party lines) to disallow the non collection of sales tax for internet orders, you now have a much bigger reason to purchase from the DJI store since the store is still controlled in China, outside the U.S. … [Read more]

No Drones allowed in Arkansas State Parks, without a permit–Written 06/14/18

  If you are planning to fly a drone in an Arkansas State Park, you will need to contact the office of the Director of Arkansas State Parks, in Little Rock.  As the the beginning of 2018, it is now necessary to have a permit to fly in any of … [Read more]

05/18/16 Upgrade to Phantom 4 Vr 2.0–Not everything went smoothly

After this purchase on 05/09/18 of a new Phantom 4 Pro Vr 2.0 I will never again use the DJI Store.  What a joke when it comes to customer satisfaction.  It's clear to me that DJI is the 800lb gorrilla and they a lot to learn about customer care and … [Read more]

12/04/17 GFX 100MP news, looks like another good year for Phase One!!

  I follow the Fujirumors site, and noticed the other day that it seems that the latest GFX 100s date is now 2019!  That totally surprised me as I had assumed up till now that the GFX 100s would easily make it out to users in 2018; at least … [Read more]

10/16/17 Nikon still has a long way to go with the D850–B&H still has not fulfilled all the orders placed 1 hour after open order window.

  My high hopes for a 2017 arrival of the D850 were dashed today after my call with B&H.  My first day order was placed at 7:00 am on 08/24/17.  B&H opened the window at 3:00am.  I had tried at 1:00am, but the window was not open. … [Read more]

09/07/17–Nikon Still has not learned how to ship a new camera the D850

As anyone who is a Nikon photographer knows, the highly anticipated D850 finally started to ship today worldwide.  But instead of a flood of new cameras hitting the stores, it appears that Nikon was barely able to ship enough cameras to even cover … [Read more]

08/03/17 Goodbye to the Fuji-GFX Facebook group–after amazing responses to copyright issues

I joined the Fuji GFX facebook group before I even had a Fuji GFX to work with. Initially I found it to be very good group as for once there was world wide membership.  It was refreshing to hear from other photographers outside of the U.S.  I did … [Read more]

08/02/17 Learning how to make a 5 part stitch panorama from a Fuji X-T2

I have written a new Article on how to create a hand held panorama using a Fuji X-T2 and 100-400mm lens, hand held.  This article will show you what raw converter (Capture One) and why I choose it over other raw converters on the market.  You can … [Read more]

06/27/17 Examples of Pixel Shift with motion–Comparing Adobe Lightroom and Silkypix raw conversions

The Pentax K1, has gotten some good and bad press lately, but one review on Dpreview over a month ago really started a negative chain reaction. This review has since been corrected, but as with many things, first impressions tend to be the most … [Read more]

04/13/17 A few misconceptions on the Fuji GFX that continue to swirl around the web

I have continued to be impressed with the Fuji GFX.  I finally found a solution to my needs for a longer lens with the older Mamiya 200mm F 2.8 APO lens.  I will be sharing more on that in the future. What has been a bit disappointing is how some … [Read more]

03/27/17 Review of one of my shots from Calico Rock with the Fuji GFX–Great dynamic range

This is a repost from Photos of Arkansas, however I wanted to add it to my blog.  This shot is from my 03/10/17 trip to Calico Rock, and the details of how I took shot are below.     Taken with a FujiFilm GFX 50s and 32-64 lens, … [Read more]

03/23/17 Fuji Sales Managers in the UK are talking up the GFX–A few thoughts

I noticed this post in Fuji-Rumors today: Fuji Rumors and Fuji UK Sales Manager comments  On reading this post, I had to ask myself, is this the same person who told a group of UK photographers 1 week before the 02/28/17 release of the GFX that … [Read more]

03/22/17 Dpreview takes a 180 degree opinion on the GFX–my thoughts

It's interesting to see the opinion of the GFX at Dpreview take such a 180 degree turnaround from their first posting. But if you take their points to task, there is not too much to complain about. 1. Low Light Performance, here Dpreview compares … [Read more]

03/15/17 Fujifilm GFX 50S–An example of excellent Dynamic Range

The FujiFilm GFX 50S uses the same 50MP chip that has been used by several camera companies over the years.  Phase One uses this chip in the IQ150,250 and 350, and Pentax used it in their 645Z.  Recently Hasselblad used the chip in the 50c Medium … [Read more]

03/11/17 Feedback on Fuji GFX 50s–A great start for Fuji with Medium Format

After a lot of waiting and wanting, Fuji has delivered the GFX to worldwide use. I am extremely grateful to have one as it's readily apparent after the first round of shipments, that the April 2016 earthquake affected the Sony Chip plant a lot more … [Read more]

10/14/16 Fall starting to show it’s colors in Arkansas, but still a lot more needs to happen

It's already the 14th, and in Arkansas the fall colors are really just starting to show.  Arkansas had a very wet August, but extremely dry and hot conditions prevailed during September.  Most of the creeks dried up again and the trees did take a hit … [Read more]