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03/30/14 Mountain Lions in Arkansas–A follow up on my 1st report

Recently I was sent a copy of this video from a game camera near Fallsville Arkansas by David Smith.  The series is about 11 seconds long total, but clearly shows an adult mountain lion.  If one has any doubt, just take the tree in the background … [Read more]

02/24/14 Silver Fleet purchases 60% of Phase One–what may happen

This is old news now and has been hashed back and forth in various discussion forums for the past 2 weeks.  The net of the announcement is that Silver Fleet a venture capture firm purchased the controlling share of Phase One.  Phase One based in … [Read more]

02/15/14 News from the CP+ Show in Japan–Pentax 645DII CMOS 50MP Camera

CP+ the Japanese eqvilent to the U.S. CES (Consumer Electronics Show) is going on through tomorrow. and one of the highlights as far as larger camera systems goes, is the information about the upcoming Pentax (now Ricoh) 645D2014.  Instead of … [Read more]

02/14/14 Why I didn’t purchase a Sony A7r–Thoughts from a Nikon shooter

When Sony Announced the A7r I was very impressed.  In the past Sony has produced some very impressive camera solutions and I was almost moved enough by the A99 DSLR to purchase one.  However my local dealer, Bedford Photo in Little Rock Arkansas, … [Read more]

02/13/2014 The First Testing of the IQ250 on a tech camera–More details on my testing of Digital Transitions files

As posted on this site and many others, Phase One, about 2 weeks ago, announced the IQ250, the worlds first CMOS digital Medium format back.  The announcement also stunned quite a few folks out there when it was discovered that Sony was the chip … [Read more]

02/12/14 My testing of some Phase One IQ250 raw files on a tech camera–Most impressive

Over the past week Digital Transitions , my Phase One dealer based out of New York, NY, has been doing some series comparison testing of the IQ250 and IQ260 with various tech camera lenses.  The scene was the Morgan Library Room in New York City.  … [Read more]

02/06/14 Low light viewing of Live View on the Phase One IQ250–most impressive

From some night photography testing that was done by Alpa, maker of fine Tech camera solutions for Medium and 35mm format, it appears that the Live View Screen of the IQ250 is going to work exceptionally well in low light.  This is a huge … [Read more]

02/05/14 Capture One 7.2 is released to the field

If you are using Capture 7.x, look for the latest version of the software which is 7.2.  Capture One has finally released this newest version to the general population, about 1 week after they announced their latest digital back, the IQ250.  It … [Read more]

01/25/14 Phase One IQ250 Arrives and Changes the game in a big way

It was hard to miss that this announcement was coming sooner than later, and photo rumors tagged this correctly.  On Friday the 24th of January 2014 with the IQ250, Phase One has set the wheels in motion that will change Medium Format Digital … [Read more]

01/22/14 Phase One to announce IQ250 with 50MP CMOS Date Uncertain

01/23/14--Just a bit more information. Phase one obviously has a camera done as briefly yesterday they has some image posted on the main Denmark website from the IQ250.  So at least the name is certain. It will be interesting to see if this back … [Read more]

01/21/14 Hassleblad shakes up/wakes up the Medium Format Digital world with new 50MP CMOS back

With this announcement on Hasselblad's main site, they have just rocked the world of Medium Format Digital.  Yes, in one quick paragraph, Hasselblad has taken the possible lead and stolen the thunder from Phase One on this technology.  Not much has … [Read more]

01/05/14 A bit of trouble for my IQ260–WiFi top plate loose

If you own a IQ260 or IQ280 and you purchased it early in the product life cycle, you may want to see about having the top plate (WiFi cover) replaced.  There is a possibility that the plate may loosen up and start top pop up.  This will create an … [Read more]

01/04/14 It’s offical Sam’s Throne is now a full featured Forest Service Campground.

This actually happened in Mid 2013, but I never got around to writing about it.  They finally finished the improvements and created a formal campground status for Sam's Throne.  This spot is a climbers paradise and for me a photographic wonder.  I … [Read more]

11/20/13 Notes on Sylamore Creek and Gunner Pool

One of my favorite spots to spend time with a camera is around Gunner Pool campground.  There are some great old growth trees around this area and in the fall they tend to have a wonderful fall display.  Two of my favorite spots to work are from … [Read more]

11/19/13 Some more thoughts on my nighttime photography

I have a new write-up on some of my nighttime photography throughout Arkansas.   I have place a small gallery inside the article and then have some descriptions about the various images.  Each of the images involves a different form of … [Read more]

10/13/13 Popular Photo Missed a critical couple of Cameras in the “30 most Important Digital Cameras of all time”

In the latest issue of Popular Photography, they have an featured article, "30 digital cameras that changed photography".  Usually I read these type of articles and move on, but I was amazed by a couple of cameras that were totally overlooked. 1.  … [Read more]

09/22/13 Drobo 5D Firmware update 3.0.8 problems with Windows 7 64 bit

Update on 10/12/13 What I thought was a fix, turned out to be a dead end as the replacement Drobo would not work correctly on my production PC.  It would boot up, and briefly showed all the correct lights, but as soon as windows gave the new … [Read more]

08/28/13 Supply of Copal Shutters is drying up and no real replacement solution has been developed

A while back I wrote a entry about the fact that Copal was no longer going to make the Copal 0 shutter.  For many photographers, the idea of a manual shutter is more than likely beyond comprehension as they are used to the modern electronic shutters … [Read more]

Bluehost goes down for the big one–9 hours on 08/02/13

  I have used  Bluehost for my webhosting  for almost 2 years and during that time, I have never experienced any downtime.  This ended on the 2nd of August when Bluehost took a major outage that lasted the entire day.  My two main sites … [Read more]